Beginners’ Yoga Classes In Southville

4 Jan

There’s something about yoga that really sets it apart for me from any other physical discipline I’ve practiced.

Yes, there’s the physical aspect; a hatha yoga class will improve your strength, tone your body and likely make you sweat a little.

You’ll also become more flexible – less prone to injuries and aches and pains and if you start yoga with tight hips or back ache, that’ll probably ease or resolve itself after a few weeks practice.

Then there’s the emphasis on full abdominal breathing – the kind of breathing that slows your mind, lets some calm in and helps you sleep better. It might make you wonder why you didn’t try yoga before.

And sweetest of all, the ten minutes at the end when you get to lie still and close your eyes and be gently guided into a deep, deep relaxation. No emails, no deadlines, no inbox, no syncing devices, no traffic, no phone charges. Just the breath breathing you in the quiet.

But there’s something else you’ll get from a class that’s hard to put into words. Why not come along and experience it for yourself. It would be lovely to have you there.